Blazing Fast

With cachegrand cloud, experience the unbeatable blend of swift, cost-effective operations and effortless Redis compatibility. Transition your existing Redis environment seamlessly and enjoy superior performance without straining your budget.

⚡ Just faster

cachegrand cloud's cache-as-a-service stands out for its ability to deliver low-latency responses, even achieving sub-millisecond latencies in some regions.
But it's not just about speed, with cachegrand cloud, you can focus on what matters most to your business while we handle the back-end complexities, delivering you speed and efficiency without the stress.

* Check out our benchmarks and see how we compare to the competitors on the market.

🚀 Low monthly costs

High performance and handling millions of requests per second is just part of our commitment, equally important is delivering this service at a price point that delivers real value.
We recognize the crucial nature of cost management in the current competitive business landscape.
Thus, we've pledged ourselves to provide the finest service at the most convenient price, outstanding performance at a cost that suits you.


Your gateway to understanding the exceptional aspects of our offering.

Keep your budget under control

Make Cachegrand your own with the flexibility and customization of an open-source solution.

Lightening-fast operations

Unlock the full potential of your platform with cachegrand cloud with low latency caching.

Effortless scalability

Scale with ease and keep up with your growing data needs with cachegrand cloud's advanced architecture.

High-volume handling

Say goodbye to data limitations and hello to handling massive amounts with ease without having to pay $$$.

Cost-effective solution

Maximize your performance and minimize your costs with cachegrand cloud efficient data management.

Redis Compatible

Seamlessly integrate cachegrand cloud into your existing data workflow with its Redis protocol compatibility.