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Our CLI is the fastest way to get started with cachegrand cloud, allowing you to create and manage accounts, certificates, instances and more in a simple but efficient way.


cg-cli supports a number of different operating systems, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and architectures, x86_64 (x64) and arm64 (aarch64).


cg-cli is available via Homebrew and as a downloadable binary from the releases page.


Use the following command to install cg-cli via Homebrew:

brew tap cachegrand/tap  
brew install cachegrand-serverless-cli  

If you already have it installed, you can update it using the following command:

brew update  
brew upgrade cachegrand-serverless-cli  


In order to install cg-cli on Windows, you need to download the binary from the releases page.


You need to download the binary as well from the releases page.