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we bring serverless architecture to caching, so we can offer you flexible usage and volume-based plans.

Starter Plan

An essential package to get you started

1GB of storage

Data Persistence

Data encryption

No credit card required

$0.00/ Month

* 5GB/Month free, then 0.05$/GB/Month.
Check out which limits apply

Premium Plan

For business planning to scale up

Unlimited storage

SLA 99.99%

Extended TTL

Data replication

$0.10/ GB / Month

Custom Plan

For medium and large teams


Prepaid plans

Volume discounts

Starter PlanPremium PlanCustom Plan
Multiple Databases
Data Persistence
mTLS Authentication
Data Encryption
SLA 99.5%99.99%99.99%
Extended TTL (more than 5 days) -
Unlimited storage -
Downloadable backups -
Data Replication -Two Way (Three Way Optional)Three Way
SSO -Optional
Audit Logging -Optional
Data Encryption - Bring your own key -Optional
mTLS Authentication - Bring your own CA -Optional
Multiple backup schedules -Optional
Private Link / VPC Peering -Optional
Prepaid Plan --
Volume Discounts --
* Additional billing applies for optional features

We keep it simple

Compute time is the amount of computing capacity used per hour.

Premium plan: $0.00015/GB/hour with extended TTL

Data storage is the amount of data and history in your cachegrand instances.

Read / Written data is the amount of data read or written by the cachegrand storage engine

Data transfer

First 5GB Free

From 0.05$/GB/Month

Data transfer is the amount of data transferred to or from your cachegrand instance.

Frequently asked questions

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Which Redis commands your platform supports?

Can the cache-as-a-service be used as a Key-Value Store?

What are the limits of the Starter Plan?