Key-Value database

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cachegrand is a key-value store that is specifically designed to be used as a primary database. It is capable of using an on-disk storage backend to store and retrieve data extremely quickly, making it ideal for applications that require efficient and fast data storage and retrieval. One example of a platform that could benefit from these features is an online shop.

Use as Key-Value database

cachegrand’s on-disk storage capabilities make it particularly suitable for storing and quickly retrieving product information such as prices, tags, categories, descriptions, and images. This is especially important in an online shop where users expect to be able to search and browse through a large product catalog quickly and easily. cachegrand’s in-memory storage could also be used to store frequently accessed data, such as the most popular products or the most recent orders, improving the overall user experience of the online shop.

In addition to product information, cachegrand could also be used to store customer data such as shipping information and purchase history. This data could be structured using different formats, such as JSON or BSON (Binary JSON), allowing for easy storage and manipulation of various data types. cachegrand’s compatibility with Redis can simplify the migration process for organizations that are already using a Redis-compatible platform, allowing for a seamless transition to cachegrand without the need to completely overhaul the existing system.

cachegrand could also be used to store session data for logged in users, including information such as their shopping cart, wish list, and saved shipping or payment information. This data could be used to personalize the online shopping experience for individual users, ensuring that they have a smooth and convenient shopping journey.

cachegrand’s compatibility with Redis can also be leveraged to store and retrieve data from external sources, such as social media profiles or third-party APIs. This data could be used to personalize the online shop experience for individual users, or to provide additional functionality such as product recommendations based on previous purchases.


cachegrand’s combination of fast in-memory and on-disk storage capabilities, agnostic data support, and compatibility with Redis make it a powerful choice for a primary database in an online shop. Its ability to efficiently store and retrieve a wide variety of data types allows for a seamless and efficient online shopping experience for customers. Whether it is used to store and quickly retrieve product information, customer data, or session data, cachegrand is a versatile and reliable tool for online shops looking to improve their data storage and retrieval capabilities.